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Graceful Perseverance: The 8th Book - 09/22

Welcome to this week’s blog. Today I am writing about my latest faith-based project. For the past four years my husband Tom and I have been studying and have gone deep into the Holy Bible. We have our own Bible studies at home on Saturdays, God’s Sabbath Day, the Lord’s dedicated day of worship. Why do we know Saturday is Sabbath and not Sunday, because the Bible tells us so! We have studied scripture, and its powerful message. We have watched and noted hundreds of YouTube videos and documentaries of Jerusalem and the importance of “God’s Holy Land.”

For Jesus said,

“Write, therefore, what you have seen, what is now and what will take place later.”

- Revelation 1:19 (NIV).

We’ve studied scripture, parables and prophecies in the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament has taught us what was prophesied, and the New Testament has taught us what prophecy has been fulfilled, and what is yet to be fulfilled. With our main focus on the last book of the Bible (Revelation), we then developed a process to put together a chronological timeline dating back more than 6,000 years ago to current day events.

Why is any of this important to mankind as a whole? The Bible, for all of us, is God’s word, His instruction and His warning that He is truly returning. His instruction is clearly noted throughout the Bible, with no room for doubt, questioning or alterations to fit our personal lifestyles. God’s warning in the Bible is just that, a warning for all of us to prepare and be ready for His return. What does this mean? How are we to prepare for His return? Our book will describe what all of us must do to prepare for His return. Make no mistake, God is not a confusing God, nor is He willing to negotiate when it comes to His commands laid out in the

Bible. We need to be in the word daily, and practice in our daily lives.

Knowledge is increasing around the world. Today, in end times, also known as the last generation, we have been given the means and the tools to share the word of God around the globe with all mankind. Today we can reach billions, every nation, tribe and people around the world via social media and just by the click of a “send” keystroke.

In the Bible, God clearly, and without doubt, has commanded every generation to share our knowledge with the next generation. Parents are to share with their children. Our children are to share with their children, and our grandchildren are to share with their children. Four generations of sharing God’s word.

We understand from God’s word that if we’ve gained the knowledge of His biblical commands, we must share His word with all mankind. God will provide the means by which He wants each of us to share His word with others. Once we’ve shared His word with those who lean their listening ear our way, and they still choose not to follow His instructions, God’s word clearly tells us these people will be destroyed or perish and will not have everlasting life with Him. We have two choices, to follow Christ and have an eternal life or turn away from Christ and perish. He has given each of us “free will” to make this choice. Make no mistake, God’s word has instructed all of us what we need to do before the “Day of the Lord” if we are to have a life beyond this life.

What is “Day of the Lord?” This is my latest project. “Day of the Lord,” is my 8th book currently in print. My husband Tom and I co-authored this book. As I mentioned earlier, we have spent the last four years gaining knowledge. By God’s instruction, we wrote a book called “Day of the Lord,” end times or also referred to as the Great Tribulation. We were guided by our advocate, the Holy Spirit, our helper to write this book in a chronological timeline to help others better understand the Bible and what is yet to come in this generation.

The words I say to you I do not speak on my own authority. Rather, it is the Father, living in me, who is doing his work. – John 14:10 (NIV).

In our upcoming book, “Day of the Lord,” we take you through biblical prophecy, biblical prophets, martyrs and disciples who spoke of God’s truth. For more than four years now, my husband and I have had a steadfast dedication to biblical prophecy, not solely for our own knowledge and understanding, but to fulfill the assignment delivered to us as a result of our own life journeys that have undoubtedly led us to this wonderful life of worship. We show you undeniable evidence from biblical scripture and scholars, the timeline and the fulfillment of events that have already taken place, and what is yet to come in the last generation.

Our journey has been empowered by the Holy Spirit: the very power of the living God within us to do what we’ve been called to do. Apart from the Holy Spirit, we would have never been able to accomplish the task set before us without a personal relationship with Him.

He has equipped us with the mystical word of God, scripture at our fingertips, and ingrained His teachings into our hearts. We rose to the assignment with great enthusiasm. In this generation, my husband and I have been called to duty as “end time” saints. What are “end time” saints? Referring to biblical prophecy, our generation is the last generation before the “Day of the Lord.” This means Jesus is returning (the 2nd coming of Christ) to bring His faithful people into eternity. He will reign over the heavens and the earth, and make all things new according to the biblically foretold Great Tribulation.

I hope you will find my next book (#8) helpful, enlightening and educational.

Are you ready for the return of Christ? It is our prayer that you will find time in your busy lives to set aside time to read “Day of the Lord” because knowledge is increasing.

It is God’s desire for no one to be left behind, to not perish, but to have an eternal life with Him.

Watch and check for this book launch on my website in the upcoming weeks. To order your signed copy, go to or email me at to request your signed copy.

Blessings until next week,

Debra Pauli Unstoppable Believer

Scripture Quoted From: New International Version Bible (NIV) Archived Blogs:



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