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Graceful Perseverance: The 9th Book-02/21/21

Welcome to this week’s blog. Today I am blogging about my new book that’s now available on my website. For those of you who don’t know me or haven’t followed me over the years; I am a self-publishing author and professional blogger from sunny California. As an entrepreneur, I received my first gift of writing in 2003, and then my gift of blogging in 2010.

My latest work is my 9th book, and the weekly blogs I post; both which are great works beyond what I ever imagined. In the past sixteen, almost seventeen years now, I have evolved into a professional “faith-based author and blogger.” Again, another example of everything in God’s timing, not my own. A year ago God showed me a vision for my next book project. But with everything in God’s timing, and not our own; the time to share with you the knowledge contained in this book is now.

And, let’s not lose sight of whose good works this truly is accredited. The books and the blogs that I create are by the hands of God, not my own mind, flesh or pride. In all that He wills me to do, I glorify my Father who is in heaven.

Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven. - Matthew 5:16 (NIV).

Jesus said,

Write, therefore, what you have seen, what is now and what will take place later. – Revelation 1:19 (NIV).

And so, I did! In my 9th book, "If Yeshua Could Blog," I have consolidated many of my faith-based blogs into one book to share with my readers - "If Yeshua Could Blog, what would He say?" - Volume I. My plan is to publish many more volumes of consolidated faith-based blogs for my readers to conveniently go to one place to find the inspiration, hope and peace they are so desperately seeking.

Dating back to 2010, when I starting blogging, it was only a very short time that my weekly blogs went viral with over 388,000 followers. It was then, and today that I continue to feel the pain of others, for those who are lost and distressed, and traveling a broken road. Today, my faith-based blogs are still being discovered as a means to answer so many unanswered questions many of us struggle with in this life.

This 9th book captures ten years of faith-based blogs as part of my weekly Blog Café, where hundreds of readers visit every Sunday morning to get fresh, new inspiration and hope since 2010. Where do I get my topics each week? The answer is, the Lord, (Adonai), the true author of my work. I am a vessel to which the Lord is using to reach each of you - one reader at a time.

The words I say to you I do not speak on my own authority. Rather, it is the

Father, living in me, who is doing his work. – John 14:10 (NIV).

I truly believe the most important work we are called to do in this life is to serve the Lord, to do His good works, each maximizing on the gifts and talents He has blessed us with. Please note, my books and blogs are always supported and backed up by scripture taken from the New International Version (NIV), New King James Version (NKJV), and the English Standard Version (ESV) Bibles interchangeably.

I have great passion and enthusiasm for each of my followers to read this book, volume 1! It is now available to you on my website. If you are excited to receive your copy of “If Yeshua Could Blog, what would He say?” (hot off the press), go to my website: and order your signed copy today.

For my other faith-based work, check out my previous books also available on my website.

Also check out my weekly Sunday morning Blog Café on my website -

My books and my blogs are changing lives, one reader at a time!

Blessings until next week,

Debra Pauli Unstoppable Believer

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