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Why we cry for a Soul Set Free

In Loving Memory of Bryce Lee

By Debra Pauli

"Why we cry for a Soul set Free" is the story of how Debra Pauli dealt with the death of her child, one of the most difficult experiences a parent could go through. She believed her son, Bryce Lee Haugen, was the bravest human being she had ever seen. Bryce had been diagnosed with epilepsy and mild mental retardation at a very young age. With his limitations, his life was a challenging one, but despite the treatment he sometimes received from those who couldn't accept or understand him, he always looked at life in a positive way and loved people unconditionally.


At late night on July 21, 2005, Bryce died from "cerebral edema with herniation" at 6:30 pm. In her work, "Why we cry for a Soul set Free," Pauli chooses to share how it feels to lose a child: the many facets of emotion including shock, numbness, loneliness and despair. The book was written to provide support and compassion to those who have also lost a loved one.


Publish Date: December 2005
Publisher: Pauli Publishing House
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0-9728711-2-8
Size: 5.5" x 8.5" / 179 pages

Why we cry for a Soul set Free

SKU: 978-0-9728711-2-9
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