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Graceful Perseverance: Messiah 2030 (Part I)Prophetic Timeline - 02/25/24

Welcome to this week's Blog Café. I have a very exciting, and encouraging topic this week.

"Messiah 2030" is, in my opinion, a documentary of a very professional biblical teaching of the "Prophetic Messianic Timeline" where dozens of biblical prophesies, not only point to the exact year of the Messiah's 1st Coming (30 C.E.), but also these same prophesies show us the year of His 2nd Coming (2030 C.E.). The "Messiah's Timeline" has always been in the Bible, but many of us have struggled to collectively gather the undeniable evidence that has been right before our eyes in scripture, both in the Old Testament (Genesis, Isaiah, Daniel 9, etc.), and the New Testament (Matthew 24, Revelation, etc.).

Mankind for centuries has struggled to layout such a profound timeline as these scholars have done in this "Messiah 2030" documentary/teaching. But now with the help of hundreds of well-renowned, creditable biblical scholars, they have "broken the code" and uncovered factual data using literal translations of the Bible, the relevance of "God's biblical numbers" and the fundamental meaning of the last book of the Bible, Revelation, along with many other supporting books of the Bible.

They have derived a prophetic timeline of Christ's return. We are convinced these creditable scholars are not date setters; and no, they are not making false predictions of Jesus' return. They are simply providing us the undeniable mathematical proof in a timeline using biblical evidence (scripture to support prophecy). As a result, we must "call to watch." These scholars are, with solid proof, using God's mathematical numbers coming straight from the Bible (God's Word).

Many of us for years have been challenged with, and continue to be challenged to fully comprehend and understand the Book of Revelation and end times. I did publish my 7th book in September 2019 (500 pages) - Day of the Lord, the last generation and the fulfillment of biblical prophesy By Debra Pauli, Co-Author, Thomas Lindquist. Jesus said, “Write, therefore, what you have seen, what is now and what will take place later.” - Revelation 1:19 (NIV). In our research and studying the Bible, going TO and FRO in the Bible to write and publish this book, not only helped us to learn and understand the Book of Revelation better, but our co-authored book is also filled with supporting biblical scripture to hopefully help others better understand the Book of Revelation and timeline as well.

We must always rely on biblical scripture as evidence that our God really is a mathematical God, starting with the first book of the Bible, Genesis (creation), to the last book of the Bible, Revelation (7-Year Tribulation and His 2nd Coming) to be ready for the day and the hour when He will gather His children to spend an eternal life in His kingdom.

Part I is so mathematical, and the "Messianic Prophetic Timeline" is backed up with biblical scripture throughout the entire documentary/teaching. In my note taking, I have literally captured hundreds of biblical scripture that backs up the 7-Year Tribulation, and the timeline laid out in this teaching. It will captivate you, and amaze you, as it did us. We have now watched Part 1 for the 3rd time, and Part II of this teaching twice, while taking notes and checking and double checking their supporting biblical scripture. It is of our opinion the "math" does add up! We found ourselves constantly saying "This is amazing, numerically and biblically factual, it can't be denied!" Why do I say this? Because every event on this "Messianic Prophetic Timeline" and each of the 40 prophecies listed below is backed up by biblical scripture. Our rule of thumb in studying the Bible, has always been, we will not, and do not watch any videos, documentaries or biblical teachings from worldly scholars, ministers, priests or rabbis if their material is not backed up, or supported or proven using biblical scripture. If the message is not backed up by biblical scripture, and one or more verses in scripture are taken out of context, then we know we are being deceived by another person's interpretation or opinion of the verse or scripture. This is just another example of a "call to watch," so none of us are to be deceived by man. Here's what God has to say about taking scripture (The Scroll of Prophecy) out of context - Revelation 22: 18-19 (NKJV).

For many years now my husband and I have studied biblical prophecy, and even now that we are going to be 63 and 64 this year, we are still learning so much, and with so much more to learn. As we keep a watchful eye on Israel (God's Holy land and God's people), along with biblical prophecy in the Old Testament that continues to be fulfilled before and since Israel became a nation in 1948, we must pray for continued knowledge, wisdom and discernment as we prepare ourselves for end times.

The following timestamps are 40 messianic timing prophecies covered in this documentary teaching. Please note, in each of the prophecies below, there are literally hundreds of biblical scripture to back up each and every prophecy. I know because I captured the supporting scripture in my notes. The evidence is astounding, and is found in biblical scripture, as scripture always proves scripture. The many scholars that contributed to this teaching have collectively compiled biblical scripture to support this "Prophetic Messianic Timeline".

1:54 The Creation Prophecy

18:10 The Sabbath Prophecy

21:10 The Four of Seven Prophecy

24:20 The Fourth Commandment Prophecy

24:54 The Hosea Prophecy

25:29 The Jubilee Principle

26:52 The Genesis 6 Prophecy

28:54 The Death of Moses Prophecy

29:50 The Jubilee Prophecy

33:25 The Exodus Prophecy

35:18 The 2,000 Cubits Prophecy

36:24 The Lazarus Prophecy

40:59 The Woman at the Well Prophecy

44:25 The Official’s Son Prophecy

46:40 The Good Samaritan Prophecy

47:53 The Fasting Prophecy

49:05 The Mount Sinai Prophecy

50:56 The Healing on the Sabbath Prophecy

52:10 Ascending the Mountain Prophecy

53:57 The Ascension Prophecy

54:54 The Transfiguration Prophecy

57:01 The Job Prophecy

57:49 The Temple Prophecy

1:06:29 The Servant Prophecy

1:08:11 The Land Rest Prophecy

1:08:49 The Appearing on the Seventh Day Prophecy

1:09:35 The David and Goliath Prophecy

1:12:10 The Wedding Day Prophecy

1:13:43 The Jonah Prophecy

1:18:45 The Jericho Prophecy

1:20:04 The Feeding of the Four Thousand Prophecy

1:23:04 The Esther Prophecy

1:25:06 The Three Measures of Leaven Prophecy

1:26:47 The Enoch Prophecy

1:27:50 The Birth Pang Prophecy

1:29:31 The Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Messiah in 30 C.E.

1:38:41 The Fig Tree Prophecy

1:42:07 The Eighth Day

1:42:36 The Circumcision Prophecy

1:47:13 The Sukkot Prophecy

1:58:31 The Menorah Prophecy


*Note: At 1:37:03, it should state April 5th 30 C.E.

In all of our Bible studies each week, this really has been the most profound biblical teaching to date for us. It's just amazing how God's entire plan for mankind has been defined since the beginning of time, and strategically calculated precisely in biblical scripture with no room for doubt, discredit or denial. God is not a God of error. Our God is a mathematical God (7 is His holiest number in scripture), which is by no means a coincidence my brothers and sisters.

This documentary is truly a validation of God's documented prophecies and promises that have already been fulfilled, and His prophecies and promises yet to be fulfilled as we are so close to "End Times." He is returning very quickly! According to scripture, we are the last generation! As the last generation, once all these things have passed, we will all see Him coming in the clouds, every man, every tribe, and every nation. 2 Peter 3:10-13 (ESV), Matthew 24:35 (ESV), Revelation 21:1 (ESV), Mark 13:31 (ESV) and Luke 21:33 (ESV).

Are you ready? Do you have a "watchful eye" ? Is your lantern filled with oil?

Blessings until next week my brothers and sisters in Christ,

Debra M. Pauli

Unstoppable Believer

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